We are talking about some important and difficult subjects - which is a good thing.  But, inevitably, some of the talk will be too superficial, and some will be mistaken.  So we need to say a few words of caution. 

  • Everything on this site is provisional.  Everything is subject to change, correction and improvement.  We may aim for perfection but, while we work out how to get there, our intention is to be useful.
  • We want to improve.  We think it is better to say something, rather than say nothing for fear of being wrong.  If you can point out when we are superficial or mistaken, then we have made progress: we have expressed what we understand and we have discovered that it can be improved, so we have learned something.
  • We want to be clear.  We believe it is more important to be clear then to be correct.  If we are unclear, nobody will benefit.  If we are clear but wrong, someone can show us where and why we are wrong, and we can become less wrong.  What matters is that we are moving in the right direction.
  • We want to discover the truth, but sometimes different people have different understandings of what is true.  When we discover that this is the case, then we have learned, and gained from the encounter.
  • We want to be fair.  We want to make the world a better place, but we need to ask: better in what way? And better for who?  We are aware the temptation is that we seek to make the world a better place for us, when there are many people who do not have our advantages, there are many people who are voiceless, and the world is full of creatures we should care for, which have no voice at all.

If you think we need to hear other words of caution, please say them.  And if you think we have forgotten to keep these words of caution in mind, please tell us - gently, but clearly.  Thank you.