We - the people on this site (and, we trust, you) - want to make the world a better place. The question is: how?  An important part of the answer is: with help from one another - we can't do this on our own.  We will need to learn how to cooperate, if we are to see this happen.

Right now, the challenges the world faces, but also the possibilities for real change, are greater than they have been in our lifetime.  So we want to do everything we can to understand the challenges and come up with the best possible responses, to enable us to work together and make the best changes happen.

What the human race does today, and in the next few years - how we live, the choices we make - will shape the world, and decide our future.

We need to understand the practical challenges we face.  But we also need to explore ideas and beliefs, hopes and fears, because these are the things which drive our choices and affect the way we live.  And we need to explore them with people who do not already agree with us, because we will need to cooperate with as many people as possible if we are going to beat these challenges.

We will not learn enough if we only talk to people who agree with us, and we will not be strong enough if we only cooperate with those we like.

So we want to attract a wide range of people with different ideas and opinions.  With a range of differing perspectives, we can test the evidence for our ideas and explore the alternatives, so that we have good reason to believe the actions we take are the best we are capable of.  And we always need to be open to the possibility of understanding more, and changing our strategy.

Alongside the challenges, we also want to share some good news about things which give us hope end encouragement: if we are to overcome these challenges, we will need joy and strength just as much as we need clear thinking and accurate information.

What Next?

Fee free to browse.  All the content on the site is available for anyone to read.  If you wish to contribute in some way, or simply support our vision of people cooperating despite disagreement, you are very welcome to join us, but please read the material in the Introduction first, to understand how we try to do things.

This site is currently under development - we are still copying content across from the original site.  But there is enough to give you an idea of what we are aiming to build.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Paul Hazelden commented on Adrian Roberts's blog post Ayn Rand and Objectivism.
"I'm fascinated by Ayn Rand, but have to admit that I have never read any of her books.  I seem to recall that Atlas Shrugged was close to the top of my 'read-this-next' pile for a while, but it never reached the top.   This seems like a fair…"
Brian Monahan commented on Paul Hazelden's blog post The Parable of the IT Project
"Absolutely right.  This parable is, I would say, quite apposite and relevant, showing what almost inevitably happens in any human endeavour despite appearing at the outset to have an well-defined problem with a widely-accepted solution.
Ignore the…"
Jun 27
Paul Hazelden commented on Paul Hazelden's blog post The Parable of the IT Project
Yes: the 'Parable' is about computer software, while the 'Thought' is about people and their problems.  Computer software is about people and their problems, and software development - what the 'Parable' is about - is especially about people…"
Jun 26
Adrian Roberts posted a blog post
I’m going to throw a curve-ball into this forum which has so far been impeccably liberal and politically correct. My fascination with Ayn Rand’s ideas and ideals is the nearest I will get to a sado-masochistic relationship with someone devastatingly…
Jun 26
Adrian Roberts commented on Paul Hazelden's blog post The Parable of the IT Project
"The Parable is about Computer Software; the Thought is about people and their problems. 
The difference is that IT software is logical; people aren't. An IT solution works for all systems of the same type; people show much greater variation, they…"
Jun 25
Paul Hazelden posted a blog post
The Parable
A person had a problem, and asked a Project Manager to help.
Following a wise methodology, the Project Manager:

clarified the nature of the problem, and what a solution would look like;
defined the solution architecture, identifying the…
Jun 25
Brian Monahan commented on Paul Hazelden's blog post The Plan
"Just posted the following to FaceBook:
A friend of mine recently made a rather pointed observation about UK politics - and in particular, UK political parties. Rewording wildly here (with apologies to Paul):
+ The Conservatives exist to protect…"
Jun 21
Brian Monahan commented on Paul Hazelden's blog post The Plan
"Hi Adrian,
I have quite a lot of sympathy for what you are saying here. I smiled broadly when you spoke about Paul's exhortation to "Get Power" - yes that was an issue for me as well. I guess what was intended by Paul there is more like "Be…"
Jun 21
Adrian Roberts commented on Paul Hazelden's blog post The Plan
"I can see the ideal behind this, the desire to be transparent and avoid corruption. But we would need to be a lot more careful with our language. "Get Power" in isolation sounds rather sinister especially when it appears first on the list. Democracy…"
Jun 20
Brian Monahan commented on Paul Hazelden's blog post The Plan

Ok, pondered this a bit more - and, yes, you absolutely have a point - and have touched a real nerve there. If we don't do anything, we can't blame others for not doing what we should have done ourselves - we have only ourselves to blame.
Jun 19
Paul Hazelden published an article
In this article, we are mainly thinking about the reform of elections to the UK parliament.  Other perspectives will be welcomed.
As you might expect, Wikipedia has a great deal of relevant background material [1]; the New Scientist has…
Jun 18
Brian Monahan commented on Paul Hazelden's blog post The Plan
"The Plan is absolutely along the right lines, the essentials are right. Only the main method of delivery - a new political party - seemed to jarr for me.
I would rather prefer that we align with other organisations which embody a principled, ethical…"
Jun 18
Paul Hazelden posted a blog post
If you had the resources, what would you do?  Okay, maybe you don't have the resources to achieve what you want to do, but perhaps you have the resources to enable you to get there: you can't fix climate change, but you can create a viable plan to…
Jun 16
Paul Hazelden posted an event

Jun 16, 2022 from 8:00pm to 9:30pm


Jun 16
Paul Hazelden published an article
Brexit is possibly the most divisive political event in the history of the UK.  The fallout from Brexit has left almost everybody hurt and feeling cheated.  This is an attempt to understand how we achieved such an unhappy outcome.  If…
May 29
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