We want to make the world a better place: by talking with, listening to - and potentially working with - people who see the world differently.

We - the people on this site (and, we trust, you) - want to make the world a better place. The question is: how?  An important part of the answer is: with help from one another - we can't do this on our own.  If we want to make this happen, we will need to learn how to cooperate, really cooperate, with one another.

Right now, the challenges the world faces, but also the possibilities for real change, are greater than they have been in our lifetime.  So we want to do everything we can to understand the challenges and come up with the best possible responses, to enable us to work together and make the best changes happen.

What the human race does today, and in the next few years - how we live, the choices we make - will shape the world, and decide our future.

We need to understand the practical challenges we face.  But we also need to explore ideas and beliefs, hopes and fears, because these are the things which drive our choices and affect the way we live.  And we need to explore them with people who do not already agree with us, because we will need to cooperate with as many people as possible if we are going to beat these challenges.

We will not learn enough if we only talk to those who agree with us, and we will not be strong enough if we only cooperate with those we like.

So we want to attract a wide range of people with different ideas and opinions.  With a range of differing perspectives, we can test the evidence for our ideas and explore the alternatives, so that we have good reason to believe the actions we take are the best we are capable of.  And we always need to be open to the possibility of understanding more, and changing our strategy.

Alongside the challenges, we also want to share some good news about things which give us hope end encouragement: if we are to overcome these challenges, we will need joy and strength just as much as we need clear thinking and accurate information.

What Next?

Fee free to browse.  All the content on the site is available for anyone to read.  If you wish to contribute in some way, or simply support our vision of people cooperating despite disagreement, you are very welcome to join us, but please read the material in the Introduction first, to understand how we try to do things and why we have a small monthly membership fee.

This site is currently under development - we are still copying content across from the original site.  But there is enough to give you an idea of what we are aiming to build.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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Our conversations regularly circle around aspects of social theory - how society operates, and how it could or should operate better.  Frequent topics include the following.

Government -…
Jun 3
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Let us admit at the start: we do not know what a fair society looks like - which makes working to achieve a fair society quite tricky.
Much of the campaigning undertaken by…
Jun 3
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May 9
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There has been a lot of talk recently about various aspects of artificial life - artificial intelligence, sentient machines, computers gaining self-awareness, and so on.
It seems self-evident that we can easily…
May 8
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May 8
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May 18, 2023 from 8:00pm to 9:30pm


Apr 25
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I first read Arthur Koestler's The Ghost in the Machine in the early 1970s, and Gilbert Ryle's The Concept of Mind a few years later, along with the Discourse and Meditations by René Descartes. …
Apr 23
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Apr 20
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This is clearly a massive topic.
Because there are no clear boundaries, this topic will cover not only farming, but all use of the land to deliberately grow things or raise animals.
Growing Things for…
Apr 14
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Apr 20, 2023 from 8:00pm to 9:30pm


Apr 6
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When talking about a religion or belief system, please be particularly careful to ensure that any comments are fair and helpful.
People constantly talk about God, whether they believe in God or not, and they…
Apr 4
Paul Hazelden commented on Don Baker's article AI - Alison Pickard Interview
"Thank you - a helpful article, I feel.  For me the key quote comes near the start: "I ... first started trying to build computers that could have emotional intelligence.  While computers do not feel, think, or have conscious experience like people…"
Mar 24
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AI Rosalind Pickard Interview 20200317.pdf  
Mar 24
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Mar 24
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Over the years, I have lost count of the number of 'vision' and 'strategy' meetings I have participated in, where we spent more of our time discussing the meaning of 'mission' and 'goals' and related words than we did actually…
Mar 18