This is the page where we can discuss the administrative and technical aspects of the site: layout, formatting, colours, functionality, and so on.

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Site Functionality


For now, this is the place to record what we want by way of website functionality.

Once we are clear about what we would like, we can talk productively about priorities, and how much the various details are worth, but that is another sta

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Zoom meetings

The steering group has been having zoom meetings monthly for a while now.  Are we intending to invite new members to these meetings (I hope so). If so is now a good time to consider purchasing a zoom licence for Just Human?

We perhaps need a 'welcome

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Finding Blog Posts

From Adrian:

Apart from the most recent posts which appear as links on the right, it is difficult to find where our contributions are located. We know that they are under "blogs", which is in the middle of one of several drop-down menus on the header

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3 Replies · Reply by Brian Monahan Aug 18, 2021
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Blog Comments

From Adrian:

The main issue which I have noticed is that the comments to a Blog post seem to appear with the most recent at the top, so in reverse chronological order. So when I replied to your Blog, my comment appeared above Brian's although he post

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2 Replies · Reply by Brian Monahan Aug 18, 2021
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