Just Human? is a community centred around this website.  Like most people, we want to make the world a better place, and this will only happen if we - and many other people - work to make this happen.

But we recognize that there are many different (and sometimes contradictory) ideas about what needs to happen.  There is no point in talking about these things with people who agree with us: the only way we can make real progress is if we talk about the questions which matter to us with people who don't already agree - and who may strongly disagree.

We don't enjoy disagreement; we want to come to a place where everybody agrees on the important things we need to do.  But the only way to get there is to disagree well: to seek to understand one another, and discover what we can learn from each other.

The pages in this Introduction section of the site should tell you everything you need to know about us, about what we are seeking to do, and what we would expect of you if you decide to join us.

  • Intention: this covers our aim, our goal, our strategy and our aspiration.
  • Values: this describes what we seek to do, what we are committed to doing, and the things we have to remember as we do it.
  • Site: what you will find here, and how to use the various parts of the site.
  • Behaviour: the behaviour we expect from everyone who contributes to this site.
  • Finance: how we manage the money to operate this community, and why we do it this way.
  • Limits: we don't want to tell you what you can't do, but there are a few obvious things which do need to be said.
  • Conflict: we want to avoid conflict where possible, but an important part of what we are doing is learning to disagree well.
  • Caution: please bear these thoughts in mind when you contribute or respond to something on this site.

However ... this is all provisional.  If you think we have missed or mistaken anything, please let us know, especially if you can offer what you consider to be a better alternative.  Thank you!

In addition to what you need to know, there are some things which are probably helpful.

  • Convictions: We use this page to articulate some shared convictions.
  • Concerns: We use this page to articulate some shared concerns.