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We tend to think about faith as a state of mind, but when considering faith we need to focus, not on the subject who is believing, but on the object of that belief. We can have faith in something or someone. When we have faith is something, we belie

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We need to give some thought about how best to structure this...

  • 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism, by Ha-Joon Chang (Penguin, 2011).  This is utterly brilliant.  It does what it says on the tin: it tells you 23 impo
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Climate Change: Why do some people not believe in it?

In our Zoom meeting on 21st September we discussed the dangers of climate change and possible solutions, and it was interesting and important but much like a million other such discussions. The m

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This was my holiday reading! A very important book. 


FASCISM – A WARNING: Madeleine Albright.

Madeleine Albright was well-placed to write an urgent warning about the resurgence of Fascism. She was born in Czechos

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We have a page about improving the world; this is the other side of the coin - if we want the world to improve, we need to get better ourselves.
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All of this site can be seen as a search for ways to improve the world, make it a better place. This page is for the 'meta level' question - how do we promote and implement all the specific ways to make the world a better place? These are the ideas
As social creatures we need to share our spirituality, and shared spirituality is what we call 'religion'. You can have your own private spirituality, but as soon as you try to communicate it, you need words; and as soon as you find a way which help
This is a common theme running through many of the issues we face: it is very easy to see the world as a set of binary choices - either this is true, or that is. But, even if our choices are sometimes binary, the issues we face rarely are.
Jesus promised His first disciples, "I will build my church", but it seems unlikely that the Church we see today was what He had in mind at the time. If we are genuinely seeking to follow Jesus, then we have to ask ourselves: when Jesus promised to
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What are the ethical issues that should underpin our approach to migration and immigration. This article seeks to ask the questions, and point to the answers rather than address the practical implications and policies that could result from such an a

The real problem is the classic Catch-22 that the UK has deliberately created for anyone needing to claim asylum.

  1. To claim asylum, you have to be physically present within the UK to claim asylum. One cannot apply for asylum from abroad.
  2. To legally g
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