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Many people feel there is no point in voting, because 'nothing changes' - nothing important. Which is not surprising, because the system we have is designed to resist change. By definition, the current system works for the groups which get, and exp
When considering society, you can't usefully talk about freedom purely in the abstract - you need to talk about more specific freedoms: who should be free to do what, and when?
I am suggesting that we should negotiate to give Russia the territory it is demanding, not because I believe Russia should be rewarded for starting this war, but because allowing them to succeed would be the greatest punishment we can inflict on them
We operate an 'open book' policy: all financial activity will be accessible to the public, and we will do our best to answer questions about where money comes from, and about why and how money is spent.
Many - probably most - online communities operate without a membership fee, so why are we asking our members to pay for the privilege of participating? There are several reasons. None of this is set in stone, and we welcome feedback, comments and a

People argue about the purpose of prison (punishment, rehabilitation, deterrence...)

It is clear that prisons are validly described as 'univsersities of crime' - being sent to prison increases the probability of the individual being sent back to pris


For a long time, British evangelical Christians have been expressing disquiet about aspects of American evangelicalism.  There have always been theologicial differences between the two groups, but the main difference is that British evan

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Discussions about freedom often identify two distinct kinds of freedom, often described as 'freedom from' and 'freedom to'; some people identify a third kind of freedom, which can be described as 'freedom to be' - freedom to be yourself, freedom to b
Freedom is a subject people have talked and argued about for a very long time. The aim of these articles is not to end the arguments, but to provide a possible framework within which we can have clear and constructive discussions about freedom, unde

There is something that everybody certainly believes in, uses most days, and yet it is purely an artifact of reasoning and is nothing more than an abstraction.  It appears in the core of every business and appears within every transaction.  It determ

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