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As social creatures we need to share our spirituality, and shared spirituality is what we call 'religion'. You can have your own private spirituality, but as soon as you try to communicate it, you need words; and as soon as you find a way which help
This is a common theme running through many of the issues we face: it is very easy to see the world as a set of binary choices - either this is true, or that is. But, even if our choices are sometimes binary, the issues we face rarely are.
Jesus promised His first disciples, "I will build my church", but it seems unlikely that the Church we see today was what He had in mind at the time. If we are genuinely seeking to follow Jesus, then we have to ask ourselves: when Jesus promised to
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What are the ethical issues that should underpin our approach to migration and immigration. This article seeks to ask the questions, and point to the answers rather than address the practical implications and policies that could result from such an a

The real problem is the classic Catch-22 that the UK has deliberately created for anyone needing to claim asylum.

  1. To claim asylum, you have to be physically present within the UK to claim asylum. One cannot apply for asylum from abroad.
  2. To legally g
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Claiming asylum is about applying for "refugee" protection and assistance.   The UK policy is defined here:

Claim asylum in the UK

This document above says:

You must apply for asylum if you want to stay in the UK as a

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Recent "Irregular migration" statistics from March 2022 up to March 2023

Irregular Migration is the term used by the Home Office to designate those entering the country without permission to do so.   The document linked below outlines the bare statis

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People want to come and live in the UK - but many also want to leave!   The key issue is net migration, not merely immigration as such.

  • Immigration concerns government policy regarding who to allow into the UK (see discussion below).  The word "immi
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Immigration is a big and emotive subject. This article is broken up into a number of handy chunks to help make it more readable and easier to navigate. Extensive use has been made of official UK government statistics and statements issued by the U
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Here are some broad-brush ideas which might have a positive, humanitarian impact on the situation.
  • Relieve the "small boats" crisis by creating legal means to apply for asylum from outside the UK.   Furthermore, allow people to come to the UK on a
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Our conversations regularly circle around aspects of social theory - how society operates, and how it could or should operate better.
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There has been a lot of talk recently about various aspects of artificial life - artificial intelligence, sentient machines, computers gaining self-awareness, and so on. It seems self-evident that we can easily distinguish between living and non-liv
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This is clearly a massive topic.

Because there are no clear boundaries, this topic will cover not only farming, but all food production and use of the land to deliberately grow things or raise animals.


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People constantly talk about God, whether they believe in God or not, and they clearly have something in mind when they do so. But, when you move beyond the beliefs of a specific group, there is almost no agreement about what a 'God' (or 'god') is.
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