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Sex & Sexuality is, for many people, a very difficult area to talk about: if we can agree even a framework in which conversations can be held, this could be seen as a considerable achievement.
A website which offers a free-to-access digital magazine for UK politics, with both news and comment. It aims to be politically impartial and with no editorial agenda.
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Pieces of plastic - everything from whole plastic objects to microscopic sized fragments - have been found in every place on Earth.
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Fission is a very controversial topic: some people think some use of nuclear fission will be essential to plug the hole left by fossil fuels before we manage to scale up renewable energy; others think the costs and the problem of disposal of nuclear
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This is the fundamental practical challenge facing the human race: our civilization depends upon using vast amounts of energy; the way we use energy is changing the climate and destroying the ecosystem which our survival depends upon; and we would ha

I think it would be helpful to collect together the mistakes our brains are prone to make.

For a start, here is an excellent short (8 minutes 25 seconds) video about 'The Illusion of Truth': talking about cognitive ease, why it is useful, and how it

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Few people would disagree that addiction is one of the major problems facing the developed world. But there are many different (and deeply contradictory) ideas about the best way to respond. It is hard even to get people to agree on a definition of
It is clear that the world is undergoing significant, and potentially catastrophic climate change, The average temperature is higher now than at any time in the history of human civilization, and it will continue to the point of mass extinctions unl