Financial Details


We operate an 'open book' policy.  In summary, this means that all financial activity will be accessible to the public, and we will do our best to answer any questions about where money comes from, and about why and how money is spent.

The details of our financial policy are as follows.

  • All financial transactions will go through the bank account; any cash donations (should there be any) will be paid into the bank account at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • The amount and date will be made public for every transaction.
  • The party name will also be made public for every payment.
  • The party name will also be made public for every item of income, except that the name of donors (members or not) will not normally be made public; their names will only be made public if (a) they request public acknowledgement of the donation, or (b) the amount is over £100 and greater than a quarter of the total amount donated in the financial year.

The Steering Group makes all substantial financial decisions.  Members of the Steering Group have access to the bank account, and are able to verify that the public record of transactions is a fair one.


The monthly summary and list of transactions can be found here.



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