freedom (8)

You are not perfectly free - nobody is - but you are sufficiently free. You are sufficiently free to be able to choose how to act and the impact you want your actions to have on others, and you are sufficiently free to take responsibility for your c
When considering society, you can't usefully talk about freedom purely in the abstract - you need to talk about more specific freedoms: who should be free to do what, and when?
Discussions about freedom often identify two distinct kinds of freedom, often described as 'freedom from' and 'freedom to'; some people identify a third kind of freedom, which can be described as 'freedom to be' - freedom to be yourself, freedom to b
Freedom is a subject people have talked and argued about for a very long time. The aim of these articles is not to end the arguments, but to provide a possible framework within which we can have clear and constructive discussions about freedom, unde
Freedom is a difficult concept. You can't have complete freedom, and you would not want it anyway: you want some freedoms to be restricted, so that you can enjoy other freedoms. Some freedoms should be restricted to avoid harm - to avoid harming othe