We want to avoid conflict where possible, but when people do things together some conflict is inevitable.  When conflict arises, we want to handle it in a way which is:

  • prompt;
  • sensitive;
  • fair; and
  • transparent.

We expect people in our community to disagree: this is, to a large extent, what we are here for - we want to hear from, and understand, people who disagree with us.  Disagreement does not mean conflict.

A conflict or other problem can be reported using the Report Form.

When a conflict is reported, the Steering Group will consider the situation and decide how to handle it.  If there is a general lesson to be learned, we will document it - either on this page or in some other accessible place.

If the Steering Group decides that a member has not followed the expected behaviour, we will communicate with them and answer any questions to the best of our ability; we will be clear what the problem is and what we would like them to do about it.

If inappropriate content has been posted, we reserve the right to remove it from the site.

If a member persists in contravening the expected behaviour, we reserve the right to remove them from membership.

At present, there is no appeal system, but as the site grows we anticipate the need to put one in place.