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  • I have read your comments - all good stuff.  My question though is, with all governments, but particularly the last few, do they really want to fix the problems?  Best case they don't really care, worst cast they are deliberately creating a climate of failure to achieve idealogical ends, ends that suit the very wealthiest.  I'm almost through with James O'Brien's book 'How they broke Britain', which is a very thorough, evidence based and well argued narrative explaining how our current state is not an accident. It has been engineered by very powerful and influential people. The one exception he holds accountable being Jeremey Corbyn - a chapter which I found personally difficult to read as I rather like him - but he makes a very good argument that he was absolutely the wrong person to be leading the Labour Party during the Brexit nightmare, and that the Labour Party's electoral process was badly wrong to allow a candidate not supported by the PLP to succeed.  Anyway I would suggest that Fixing Britain requires strong leadership and will not be achieved by campaign work at grass roots level (however necessary and important that is) - something that is hard to see at the moment.  Starmer appears to be someone who absolutely bends with the wind and has no ethical or principled determination about him.

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