God and Gods

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When talking about a religion or belief system, please be particularly careful to ensure that any comments are fair and helpful.

There is a common assumption in many Western countries that if you are religious, then you 'believe in God', and that your choice of religion is all about believing in the 'right' God.  However, while you will find a God or multiple gods in many religions, there are also religions without any gods, and religions where belief in a God or gods is optional.

All the usual principles of good practice on this site apply to discussion of religion too. We ask everyone who posts to be clear about the purpose of their contribution, and to keep any response to a contribution relevant to what was posted - Talking About Religion unpacks this in a little more detail.

People constantly talk about God, and whether they believe in God or not: they clearly have something in mind when they do so. But, when you move beyond the beliefs of a specific group, there is almost no agreement about what a 'God' (or 'god') is. Gods, Ancient and Modern is an attempt to identify the issues and the options, to help us talk both clearly and helpfully about the subject.


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