Science and Life's Biggest Questions

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Sabine Hossenfelder filmed a talk at the Royal Institution on 19 August 2022 with the title, "Existential physics: answering life's biggest questions".  In this talk, the RI says, "Sabine explores counterintuitive insights, and interviews with other leading scientists, to reshape your understanding of science and the limits of what we can know."

Sabine argues that science, philosophy and religion are not entirely distinct activities, but they have fuzzy edges where they meet, and modern physics is built on the foundation of all three.

I did a blog entry with this title: Science and Faith.  It concludes like this: 

In every age, some people have sought to understand truth better, and some people have sought to use the establishment (either the religious or scientific establishment) to assure the public that their ideas were correct. And, of course, sometimes the same people did both: the world is not divided neatly into good and bad people. But, for some people, the emphasis is on "I want to know the truth"; and for others, the emphasis is on "I want other people to know that I have the truth."

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