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Suggestions for future discussion

 Should we list those subjects that we'd like to address as a group?

I'll begin.

Are the aspirations of those who don't conform to gender stereotypes legitimate?

When do attempts to persuade others to your view become proselytisation? 

Should the ethical values for the behaviours of states be the same as those for individuals?

Does having an established church limit or advance religious fundamentalism?

How can an individual overcome personal limitations (real or imagined) in order to make a real difference to wider society?

In the big scheme of things, does humanity matter?

Is there any historical evidence that human behaviour can be altered in the scale necessary to really address the global climate emergency?
What is the most urgent change we need to make in society? 

What information that is currently unavailable would make us better human beings?

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  • From the March meeting...

    • The war is presented by both sides in polarised terms – the Russians are bad, the Ukrainians are good. But the reality is far more complex – for example, there is a right wing fringe in Ukraine, an extreme right battalion, and this has been brushed under the carpet. How do we obtain a fair picture of the situation?
    • We relate much more to people we see as being like us, are far more empathetic towards them. Hence the response to Ukrainian refugees as opposed to African ones. It's not right, but it is natural, so how can we work to overcome it?
    • Is pacificism still an option in the present situation?
    • For nearly the first time, someone is threatening nuclear destruction - let's talk about global nuclear disarmament.
    • From ‘East-West Street’, the issue of global international law: is it simply that the winners get to punish the losers?
    • How do we get an effective and workable system of international law? The USA doesn't engage in this, let alone Russia. The more powerful countries should set a good example, just as powerful people should use their power in a moral way. How do we help make this a reality?
    • Justice and peace are not always obviously compatible - the status quo benefits the powerful, those who benefit from it, not those who suffer from it.
    • How do you define peace? Around 1900, the British with their empire were top dogs and the Germans also wanted their 'place in the sun'. To become equal the Germans had to take land – this was defined as war because it was against the status quo of the time, but how different was it from the activities of the existing empires? [Edit: Surely it was different because the fighting was in Europe, directly against other European countries, as opposed to fighting in Africa or India, sometimes against forces allied with other European countries. There many not be much moral difference between the two, but there is a massive political difference.]
  • We have an offer from a lady called Veronica who is very happy to talk with us about posthumanism.

    Two quick links to provide context and background: Wikipedia ( and Ethics Explainer (
    Posthumanism or post-humanism (meaning "after humanism" or "beyond humanism") is a term with at least seven definitions according to philosopher Fran…
  • Excellent idea! I suggest you edit your original post to include all the proposed ideas, so we don't have to wade through multiple pages of ideas and changes.

    My suggestion: What is the most urgent change we need to make in society? I can see a number of important changes (voting reform, Universal Basic Income, shifting taxation from electricity use to carbon use, ...) but I'm really not clear about their relative priority.
  • What additional information would make us better people?
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