Richard Morris commented on Paul Hazelden's article Identity and Perspective
"Sorry that I will not be around for tonight's discussion. I don't have time to do proper justice to Paul's excellent article, and Mark's excellent response.
I found Paul's description of attitiudes of various equality groups to each other very…"
Apr 18
Richard Morris commented on Mark Collins's article Identity - who are we?
"Thank you Mark for such a thoughtful post. As I began to read, the first thoughts about my own identity were: white, British, middle class. Oh and male. None of these markers of identity made me proud, indeed rather the reverse: a sense of guilt and…"
Mar 1
Richard Morris commented on Brian Monahan's article The real problem ...
"Hi Mark, I have only just joined "Just Human" and so this is a late response. I admired Brian's summary of the catch 22 faced by asylum seekers and chimes with my hearing the experience of people caught in this impossible situation. 
Recently a…"
Nov 19, 2023
Richard Morris is now a member of Just Human?
Nov 12, 2023